Our story


Who we are

    At Anteja cosmetics we thrive to make sure every cosmetic item purchased is high quality, pure and specifically crafted just for you. Since the first day we launched, our goal is to not only make beauty an experience but make it personable. What do we mean by that? Well, we want to change the way women shop for beauty products. We feel that women shouldn't have to limit themselves to what's available on a retail shelf.  Women should have options, especially when it comes to the beauty products they use. Why settle for shelf products when you can "create your own beauty". Every woman is different, why cant your beauty products be made specifically for you? If your favorite color lipstick is discontinued or your favorite shade of foundation is no longer available. We will gladly match and create that beauty product just for you.  Each product from our website that is ready made or custom made is handmade with love. From your custom color request to the very ingredients you desire in your products, we take pride in hand making that product for you. Our products are 100% organic and cruelty free with non-toxic ingredients. Because we take pride in making sure we use high quality ingredients our products are one of the highest quality products in the industry. Our number one goal is building trust with our customers and making sure that every woman who purchases from us feels taken care of, special and like the Goddess she truly is.


About the Founder

 As a child I would always watch my mother get dressed and apply multiple lipstick colors at the same time. That use to fascinate me and make me interested in makeup. She would always mix lipsticks together or mix foundations together to find her own personal color or shade. Years later I knew I wanted to start a beauty brand but I wasn't sure when. Finally after doing 11 years in the Army, getting married and having my son I realized how frustrating it was to find your shade of makeup. My life changed and I no longer had time to stand around a beauty counter for hours just to find my perfect shade. So, I created a beauty brand that helps women find and create their own beauty. I decided to do lots of research on skin tones and what skin tones go well with certain shades. Then I wanted to find a way to make the shopping experience of finding the perfect shade a lot easier and more convenient. So, I decided to incorporate all my knowledge and tools into a beauty empire online. 


Anteja Terry , CEO