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We are a beauty brand that believes in catering to skin tones with various undertones that are hard to match. We handpick, create, customize, and handmake beauty products that match and compliment every complexion. We match your tone and you pick your ingredents, scents and finish. For years theres been a gap in the beauty industry where certain skin tones could never be matched. I decided to change that.

Anteja, CEO

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  • Sophia

    I ordered a custom liquid lipstick for my friend and it has great quality. The color is a little off but it is perfect nonetheless! Can't wait to order one for myself.

    Create your own lipstick 
  • Bianca

    Great quality, perfect color, and arrived quickly. Will repurchase

    Create your own lipstick 
  • Avoni

    I saw an advertisement on Insta about some sparkly lipstick with huge chunks of glitter in it. If I was gonna trust anyone with delivering this type of lipstick that actually stayed, it was gonna be Anteja Cosmetics because the last time I had them custom make my lipstick, I was pleased by the texture and the colors of my trio. Not to mention, the thrill of all of the compliments I received. So I contacted them and they told me that they would create it for me. I love it! It is the most beautiful pink color and the saturation of glitter is perfect, it’s not too much and definitely enough to make me feel like a glowing Queen! Thank you Anteja Cosmetics.

    Create your own lipstick 
  • Majlinda

    It was the best gift my daughter got she loved everything l got her but the lipstick was her favorite it came with a very cute bag they surprised her with candy’s and a balloon too l couldn’t be any happier!!Thank you!

    Create your own lipstick