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Removing acrylic nails during quarantine

So its been 3 to 4 weeks since you've been quarantined and your starting to notice that your acrylic nails are growing out. What do you do? Well you cant go to the nail salon, they're all closed. Since the future is kinda unclear on how and when it will be safe to actually go outside. The next best thing to do is to remove your acrylic nails on your own. But how will you remove your nails? ripping them off with a sharp object isn't something we suggest. You thought about melting them off, but where will you find the supplies to do that? Well the good news is essential stores like Walmart, Costco, Target, Sams club a few pharmacies & supermarkets are still open. We suggest the next time your running low on food and supplies add 100% pure acetone to your shopping list. Below, we list supplies you will need to remove your nails and instructions on how to melt them off.

Supplies you will need:

- A bottle of 100% pure acetone (don't get the average nail polish remover its not strong enough)

-2 bowels , 1 small(should be glass), 1 large( the large could be plastic)

- 1 tongue blade or any orange wood stick (to scrape off the melted acrylic or any small stick like a tooth pic) 

- Emory board with a grit of 100 or electric file ( if you cant get both get a really good nail file)

Instructions on melting off  acrylic nails

Step 1: remove all nail polish or jell polish and file your acrylic nails until their thin with the emory board or nail file.

Step 2: Put a cup of hot water in the large bowl. then put 1/4 cup of 100% pure acetone in the small glass bowl.  Place the small glass bowl on top of the hot water in the large bowl. 

Step 3: Put one of your hands ( left or right hand)  in the glass bowl that you placed in the large bowl. With a little pressure press down on the glass bowl and allow the hot water to surround the glass bowl. Do this for 9 - 10 minutes or until acrylic gets soft.

Step 4: Use the orange wood stick to scrape and remove the melted acrylic off your nails. 


Step 5: Wash hands, dry them and file them 


Step 6: Style if needed, put nail polish or leave them natural.

Step 7: Repeat steps 1- 6.

By: Anteja Acevedo

reference by : Ashley Davis, Cosmetologist

                     IG: ashslay87








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