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Coronavirus: Has it changed your beauty routine ?

The coronavirus pandemic has really had a major impact on our lives. It has really allowed the world to take a break from everyday life. whether your an essential worker or not, it still has interrupted modern life as we know it. We know quarantining not only helps us stay safe, but it also helps us to self reflect and take better care of ourselves. As far as beauty routines go, the way the world beautifies themselves has slightly changed as well. Here are some beauty routine suggestions that we feel can help during the coronavirus pandemic.


1) Because people can no longer get their nails done, at home manicures and pedicures have become a thing. Some women have decided to remove their acrylic nails to keep their nails all natural. If you've made the decision to remove your acrylic nails, We do suggest using 100% pure acetone to soak off your acrylic nails. This method will prevent damaging your natural nails and is less painful. 


2) Because you can no longer get your eyebrows done, we suggest shaping them using a tweezer or razor to keep them kept while quarantining at home.


3)Because you can no longer get your hair done, we suggest washing and conditioning your hair once a week. We also suggest a deep conditioner once a month to maintain the health of your hair.


4) If you haven't been doing so already, now is a great time to perfect your skin care routine. whether its a three step routine or a six step routine, taking extra care of your skin during this stressful time is extremely important. 


5) Because washing and sanitizing your hands are extremely critical, making sure you moisturize your hands after washing them or sanitizing them is extremely important. This prevents your skin from getting cracked and trapping viruses and bacteria in your cracked skin.


6) We know right now is a depressing time for all of us, but right now is not the time to binge on dunk food or sweets. Sweets, are known to cause wrinkles in the long run. so if you do feel like stress eating, make sure you try a fruit or vegetable to eat to not only keep you healthy but to keep your skin healthy as well.


7) Lets not forget the importance of drinking lots of water. Water is known to not only hydrate you but to also cleanse the body. The more you drink water the better your skin will look as well. 

By: Anteja Acevedo

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