10 American made color cosmetic brands

10 American made color cosmetic brands

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The use of colorful hues from the earth to beautify the body was first recorded by the ancient Egyptians, whose tombs were filled with makeup canisters and kits to help the dead remain lovely in the afterlife. They made their lips red by using carmine powder, which was crafted from the ground-up bodies of red insects known as cochineal beetles. Ground earth clay combined with liquid also created colorful pastes that were used to decorate the body of Egyptian men and women.

Today, we are no less interested in decorating our skin than the Egyptians. While carmine is still used to manufacture the world's highest end red lipsticks, many other options are used by Indie Business Network members to create stunning visual effects. Here are some of our member color cosmetics brands to know.

1. Anteja Cosmetics (New York)

Maker: Anteja Acevedo

Do you have a preference for the type of lipgloss you like to use? Now you can create your own online by answering a few simple questions at Anteja's website! You select your base, ingredients, scents and color. How easy is that?

Create your own lipgloss from Anteja Cosmetics here.

2. Stella Chroma (Indiana)

Maker: Pamela Rodgers

Cactus Bloom nail polish is a buttery golden yellow with a gold/pink shimmer. Smooth and opaque at two coats, this bright orange color is inspired by the orange'ish blooms that contrast the deep green color of a cactus.

Engage in a little self-pampering with this Cactus Bloom nail polish.

3. PRIIA Cosmetics (Pennsylvania)

Maker: Kelley Maddison

Loose mineral foundation crafted specifically for acne-prone skin has everything you need to look fabulous all day long, with no “melt-away” issues. Get an air-brushed appearance that never looks or feels dry, heavy, pasty or chalky.

Check out this Loose Mineral Foundation by PRIIA Cosmetics!

4. Kiss Freely (New York)

Maker: Jennifer Kurko

With so many people have a hard time finding eye shadow that doesn't irritate their eye, Kiss Freely keeps their ingredients simple.  This Cinderella Blue Eye Shadow, is beautiful, long wearing, and best of all, non irritating.  

Try on your glass slippers with this Cinderella Blue Eye Shadow by Kiss Freely.

5. The Unicorn Locker (Nevada)

Maker: Shamil Alli

This “watermelon bomb” set includes a two piece shimmery, watermelon flavored lip gloss set. Electric is clear with pink and chartreuse diamond reflect, and Juice is warm pink with chartreuse shimmers. Made with silky emollients and natural oils to give your lips a long lasting, non-sticky moisture kick, used together, they offer a truly unique and “lighted” effect.

Check out this Watermelon Flavored Lighted Lip Gloss by TUL Cosmetics.

6. Atomic Polish (Minnesota)

Maker: Stacey Matern

The Resist nail polish color is a charity product that supports BIPOC, anti-racism, and Black Lives Matter. The color shifts between black, teal, blue, purple, and copper for a mesmerizing effect. The color flakes throughout add splashes of violet, pink, and gold. Like the causes it represents, Resist challenge and redefine you.

Help support charity with Resist by Atomic Polish!

7. Johnny Concert (California)

Maker: Joanna Gatto

Amplified Palettes are long-wear, high-pigment 4-pan eyeshadow palettes featuring neutral rose and peach tones: Starlight Baby, Tainted Cupcake, Pacific Peach, and Sunset Strip. Their long-wear mineral and plant-based colors are bold, soft, creamy, and can be used as eye shadow or liner. Made with coconut, rosehip and jojoba oil to pamper your eyelids.

Channel your inner beauty guru with this Amplified Palette by Johnny Concert!

8. Maison Kenzi (New York)

Maker: Lisa Butterworth

Kenzi's henna cones are 100% organic — the bridal-quality Rajasthani henna powder, coconut sugar, organic essential oils make a silky smooth paste that delivers straight and clean lines and beautifully fine details. The paste is made weekly and frozen at the height of its staining power, and then express shipped to you.

Create beautiful body art with Organic Henna Cones made by Maison Kenzi LLC.

9. Mix Cosmetiques (Wisconsin)

Maker: Lanae Rhoads

Luminous Highlighting Powder can be used on cheeks, eyes and lips to create a delicate highlight, customized to your exact color choice. Brush the product over the top of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and the top of your lips to brighten your skin and provide a softly focused glow.

Glow with radiance with this Luminous Highlighting Powder by Mix Cosmetiques.

10. Dirty Beauty (Georgia)

Maker: Samantha Dickey

Customized for you by a scientist, Custom Mineral Blush is long wearing, long lasting, and gives you a natural and polished look. It's packed for you in a neat sifter jar and comes with a mini Makeup Remover. The blush is crafted to your color specifications. You receive a color swatch, and have an opportunity to tweak it once if you choose to get just the tint you desire.

Get that rosy glow with this Custom Mineral Blush from Dirty Beauty.

Questions for discussion and sharing

We've sure come a long way since Cleopatra, haven't we? Not only that, gone are the days when you have to go to the cosmetics counter and buy the colors they think you should have. With innovations from many of our members, you can get just the color you want and everything is made with such care and concern for the environment and your personalized experience.

Have you tried any of these amazing color cosmetics brands? I'd love to hear your feedback and comments below.

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